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About Dispute - WatchesKeep.Com

1: Dispute Process
(1): WatchesKeep.Com understands that it's never a pleasant experience to have a problem with a transaction. Often, the easiest way to resolve a problem is by communicating with your seller. If you have a problem, you can use WatchesKeep.Com Dispute email address [email protected] to help track, manage, and resolve your dispute as quickly as possible. Opening a dispute guarantees that your money is being held in the 95epay Buyer Protection system and not released to the seller.
(2): If you are not satisfy with the items, you should contact our service email address [email protected] at the first time. You should tell them what is the problem with the item, and you should tell them your order No. , then the seller will check your order soon, then they can solve the problem for you.
(3): Maybe you can ask them to exchange the watch, or pay for some shipping fee to get a new watch, or refund part of money, any advise you like, then you can talk with them to solve the problem, also if you want to return the watch, you should promise that the watch is not damage , also the shipping fee is at your own, and after we receiving the item, we only can refund the payment for the item, we cannot refund the shipping fee $25, so I hope that you can understand this.
(4): Also I can tell you all of the items in our website are super A class, so I think you will love them very much, so please don't worry to meet those problems. Making every customer happy is our duty. So don't hesitate to place the order from our website WatchesKeep.Com.
2: WatchesKeep.Com Resolution service

(1): Preface

Disputes submitted to WatchesKeep.Com Resolution Center can be divided into 2 types:
A: The package is not received
B: The received item is significantly not as describeda.
C: Described below are the guidelines of how WatchesKeep.Com Resolution Center handles these escalated disputes.

(2): Guidelines

A: WatchesKeep.Com Resolution service only deal with escalated dispute. Before the dispute can be received, it is time for buyers and sellers to communicate with each other. WatchesKeep.Com Resolution service will follow the agreement worked out by both buyer and seller if an agreement is submitted within 5 business days. Otherwise, WatchesKeep.Com will make a decision for the case.

B: WatchesKeep.Com is a platform and WatchesKeep.Com Resolution service will rule as an impartial judge.

C: WatchesKeep.Com Resolution service's judgment result for a case will be announced 10 business days after a dispute has been submitted to WatchesKeep.Com. For every dispute submitted to WatchesKeep.Com Resolution service, both buyer and seller are required to provide evidence, including tracking document, etc. If any party fails to co-operate, WatchesKeep.Com Resolution service will rule in favor of the other party.